Health & Wellbeing

Liber8's community based Health and Lesuire Faciility in Viewpark provides one route for Liber8 to help individuals aim to live longer more healthy lives, by reducing preventable deaths and the burden of ill-health associated with smoking, alcohol & substance misuse, high blood pressure, obesity, poor diet, poor mental health, insufficient exercise.  We recognise that there are several different ways of thinking about health and wellbeing, some positive and some negative.

  • Health and well-being can be described as the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and mental stability. This is a positive definition of health and well-being.
  • Health and well-being as being the result of a combination of physical, social, intellectual and emotional factors. This is a holistic definition of wellbeing.
  • Health and well-being can be described as the absence of physical illness, disease and mental distress. This is a negative definition of health and well-being

However we must be aware that the ideas about health and wellbeing change over time and vary between different cultures and life stages.

A person's health and well being is affected by a number of different factors. We should all know about  factors that contribute positvely to health and well-being such as:

  • a balanced diet (e.g.improved immunity, feeling healthy controlling weight)
  • adequate rest and sleep (e.g. improved concentration, refreshes body, restores energy)
  • regular excercise (e.g. improved fitness, weight control, circulation, mobility)
  • supportive relationships (e.g. friends, family, professionals, improved self esteem, self worth)
  • adequate financial resources ( security benefits, free prescriptions, free dinners,pension, mobility allowance)
  • stimulating work, education and leisure activitiy (e.g.improve mental ability, valued)

There are very few conditions are caused by genes alone. Most conditions are caused by a combination of genes and the environment, including lifestyle factors (such as diet and exercise) and socio – economic factors (such as where someone lives and their income).There are many gene variations that may slightly increase or decrease the risk for a condition. However, across a number of genes this can add up to some individuals being at more risk than the average.  The risk may be reduced by changing environmental and lifestyle factors.

Genes make it more likely that an individual may develop certain conditions but the likelihood is also closely linked to lifestyle factors. They are linked because a particular gene may be sensitive to an environmental factor. For example:

  • Coronary heart disease can run in families, in conjunction with  a poor diet, smoking and lack of exercise the risk of developing the condition is increased.
  • Smoking cigarettes increases the risk of still births, miscarriage and premature birth.

Advances in medical care means that those individuals with health problems are able to live longer. This creates problems for the healthcare services to provide care and being able to afford the extended care.

Factors we can’t control

  • Environmental  - pollution of air and water
  • Social – availability of adequate housing
  • Economic –  income
  • Genetic –  diseases and disorders

Factors we can control

  • Lifestyle
  • Use of tobacco
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Overeating
  • Amount of exercise
  • Eating fatty foods

In 2011 Liber8 formally took over the Viewpark Sports and Fitness Centre, renaming it Liber8 Health & Leisure. This was part of our expansion plan of providing more services to our clients and broadening the services available through Liber8.


The transference of the centre fits well with Liber8’s expansion into North Lanarkshire and those of you who use the centre will have started to notice the changes taking effect, the builders have been in and the renovations have started already.

Our aim is to increase our membership and provide a wide range of services aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and the wider community. However it is important that we retain the community ethos and this is shown through the development of a strong relationship with Viewpark Amateur Boxing Club who continues to operate from the centre.

There have been lots of development and refurbishment of the centre in the last two years, but this is only the start; we have many more developments planned which will enhance the facility, increase employment opportunities and improve the services provided. Liber8 believe that this latest acquisition to our organisation will allow us to be able to offer an excellent and additional project which will complement our existing projects and will offer individuals and communities a valuable resource. Watch this space


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